Artistic project.
For my previous project "Oceans Adrift" I decided to integrate in my compositions the waste which invades our daily life and our seaside activities. With surrealist staging and the touch humor that is dear to me, I tried to illustrate the excesses of ocean pollution that affect animals, plants but also human beings.
To follow this topic, important to me, I talk about the consequences of existing plastic in the oceans on human beings. "A person swallows up to 5 grams of plastic per week, the equivalent of the weight of a credit card. Among the consumer products concerned are seafood products. (Study from Newcastle University for WWF, 2019)
We produce and throw plastic into the oceans. But sooner or later it falls on us and we consume microplastics...
We are made of plastic!
Preserve, protect and save the oceans.
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Plastic Bottle Calf

Polystyrene Body

Plastic Spine

Plastic Belly

Plastic Straw Ligament

Bottle Caps Body

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