Poster campaign / Flocking on garbage trucks - Commissioned work by Saumur city / Kyrielle.

The briefing: sensitize the inhabitants of the agglomeration of the city of Saumur (France) to the treatment of different categories of household waste. Create a series of a dozen visuals with an unusual and fun tone to impress and communicate without making citizens feel guilty and giving them lessons.
There were 5 main themes: sorting instructions, papers, way of consumption, re-employment/repair and bio-waste.
I was free to suggest ideas for staging and interpreting each theme.
I proposed as many ideas/concepts as requested visuals taking place in known places of the city. Of course, I wanted to keep a touch of humor and my graphic style. 
For the extras, we called on volunteer municipal staff.
I spent 3 days on site for the shots and 2 weeks for processing (photo manipulation).
The communication department has added a slogan to each poster.
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"Paper" theme
Portrait for posters / Landscape for flocking.
Other themes

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