Artistic project.
Whenever I go out by the sea, whether for a walk or for photo shoots, I am systematically saddened to see rubbish washing up on the beaches or in the rocks. I do my best to pick up as much trash as I can find, it's not much, but it's always that.
It was during my shootings for my project "Beach Playground" that I decided to integrate in my compositions this waste which invades our daily life and our seaside activities. With surrealist staging and the touch humor that is dear to me, I try to illustrate the excesses of ocean pollution that affect animals, plants but also human beings.
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Get Lost

Cigarette Beach

Over The Top

Plastic Beach

Surfin The Swill

Lets Go To The Junkyard

Plastic Tube

Kind Of Wing

Tanned Tray

Stand Up Straw

Plastic Swell

Eco Super Power

Kettlebell Rubbish Style

Running Out

Plastic Handcuff

Plastic Bowl

Plastic Trap

Plastic SUP

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